Monday, May 20, 2013

The Little Dresser

Okay. I used to have a roll top desk. It was a lovely thing - probably the nicest piece of furniture in the house. But it was also a very large thing and I have to think back more than a decade to remember the last time I actually sat down at it and used it like, well, a desk. Mostly it held the bills and accumulated whatever miscellaneous pieces of paper that wandered in the door. So I've sold the thing to somebody who has coveted it for years and will actually use as a desk.. So to find a home for the various bits and pieces that were living in the desk, I bought myself a small dresser and refinished it.

The first step was actually the hardest. My usual thrift stores came up completely dry, then the second and third tier stores let me down. I even looked at some new ones. They wanted $70 and $110 for laminated chip-board junk I could twist with my bare hands. But the last store I stopped at, with an attitude more of "dotting the I's and crossing the T's" than any real hope, had just what I wanted - a small, simple wooden dresser. It had taken some hit points over the years, but it was sturdy and the price was right - $30.
I was sanding the first drawer when I realized I needed to get a picture!
I cleaned it up, and sanded it down.
I liked the handles, but one was missing, so all of them had to go.
I put 2 coats of MinWax Mission Oak PolyShades on it and added simple porcelain handles. It came out darker than I had really wanted, but it fits neatly in the home office. So I am a happy girl.
Pretty good for a first try in refinishing!
Heaven only knows what trouble this success is going to inspire me to get into!

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  1. Amanda, thank you sooo much for your comment on my blog! OMG! I am fainting just thinking about your friend's experience with Paul! What a classy guy he is! Wow! And your Neko! I'm so glad my Mia makes you happy. I've seen one other cat that looks rather like Mia, but only one. I'm sure you miss your Neko a lot.

    Ok, you stitch and you WEAVE!!!!! I love weaving! I wove once. lol! I've forgotten how now and need to reteach myself someday. I've never been good at it -- your weaving looks absolutely perfect! I could never get the edges to be even. Never. Beautiful stitching finish too! So pretty! And I love your refinishing jobs too! I have never dared to do that!

    Anyway, again, thank you so much for your comment. I want to copy it down for posterity.