Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There's a Treat Inside!

Every weekend I volunteer at a local nature preserve. And every weekend I do a very un-environmental thing and pull through a local Mickey D's and get breakfast to eat on the way. It's always the same order, which includes a large cup of coffee with a package of sweetener in it. Now I've made this order from Milwaukee, WI to Fort Meyers, FL. Even in Bray, Ireland, they got it, despite the fact that the whole American "filtered coffee" thing confuses the entire EU no end. But for some reason, at the Sign of the Golden Arches in this neck of the woods, they struggle with the concept of "Open package of sweetener. Add contents to coffee. Give coffee to customer."

Saturday before Thanksgiving I went to the Golden Arches Steakhouse, made my usual order, including "Large Coffee with a pack of Splenda." The kid behind the counter, not old enough to shave, asked "You want the pack of Splenda in the coffee?" "Yes."

That question was really a warning shot across the bow. I was about 2/3 of the way through my coffee when I realized there was something in it. Visions of dead rodents dancing through my head, I pulled off the lid, and this is what I found.

There was a "treat" inside, alright!


  1. OMG! lol! Talk about a kid being literal! lolol!

  2. These days you do have to take the young ones step by step though the process. "Here's what I want, darlin'. Dispense the coffee into the cup. Pick up one packet of Splenda. Open the packet of Splenda, Pour the Splenda into the coffee. Put the lid on the coffee. Hand it to me." Sigh.